So De Mel Swimsuit Fitting Guide for All Body Types

At So De Mel we understand there are many different body shapes and not everyone can fit standard swimsuit sizing chart, so when it comes to swimsuit fitting our philosophy is to look beyond the metrics.

And that's our brand's main point of concern and differential since we launched in 2008, when our founder Sonia de Mello was featured at by commenting about Kim Kardashian's in her one-piece connecting swimsuit on the article "If you are Curvy"

At So De Mel we encourage women to try our signature customized mixed European/Brazilian silhouettes embracing women's unique body of most shapes and sizes. We invest in quality fabrication in combination with biodegradable luxury fabrics and seamless finish that molds to the skin, providing a flattering fit, making women feel confident and beautiful.

To help you navigate your shopping experience with us if you don't know about our brand yet, we are suggestion our 3 top style silhouettes that is our signature styles:


Carlotta is for the ones looking for comfortable one piece - the top is fully lined with its own fabric and seamless which offers comfortable fit when ties around the neck. Perfect for smaller chest or women who "dare" a long deep V.
We like to mix a classic conservative style with a fresh modern look.

So De Mel Carlotta One Piece Swimwear


Kate is a classic style - fully seamless to offer most comfortable fit and prevent digging into the skin - recommended to most body shapes - this style provides appropriate body coverage but be mindful we believe in showing off our curves without shame.

So De Mel SWIM Kate Classic Bikini


June is season-less - halter style top is known to best fit a voluptuous chest and to provide best support - this style is also seamless and remains in our collection season after season. We are currently recreating the top to best fit and support larger size chest.

 So De Mel SWIM June Bikini


In  addition to help you with the best experience shopping with us and finding the right style fit we encourage you to take advantage of our free shipping within continental US for orders over $300, where you could order 2 sizes or 2 styles for a try out. We offer free returns to US, so you can have peace of mind and order 100% risk free.

Hope this quick Swimsuit Fitting Guide helps you to find your endless summer swimwear! Also feel free to chat with us or requesting a free consultation by email to our founder and designer Sonia de Mello at - she will personally suggest styles and fit based on your body shape.